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NON TI SVEGLIARE – the Italian Legal Thriller (XXIII Italo Calvino award)

NON TI SVEGLIARE is a legal thriller,  published in Italy by CIESSE Editions (400 pages, available in paperback and ebook), set in the Veneto between Verona and Venice, and starring an Italian criminal lawyer. It is a novel with a predominant mechanism around an inexplicable enigma tied to a murder, but it is also a book that through the genre literature tells the complex and contradictory realities of the Italian North-East today.

Le edizioni di NON TI SVEGLIARE, trova cosa cambia sulla copertina...NON TI SVEGLIARE  is spread over two narrative levels: the story of the obsessive search for truth by Rubens Gatto, a criminal lawyer, and the first-person tale of a man who seeks the same truth in its own past. The two narrative planes depart from seemingly distant locations, gradually get closer and eventually coincide, revealing to the reader the complex mechanism of the story. NON TI SVEGLIARE has a large narrative structure, consistent and rigorous in terms of legal, medical , scientific and procedures of investigation and legal defense. It has the taste of reference , hidden citations, the return to the past , the music and the fashions of the eighties. It has a smooth writing , hard-hitting and fast.

NON TI SVEGLIARE is special mention winner on XXIII Italo Calvino award (the most prestigious Literary Italian Prize for new authors) “for its ability to be a beautiful thriller, but that lets see in transparency the warm representation of our society and its changes”.

In 2011, few months after its release Italian press defined it “one of the most exciting literary events of the year” (Il Gazzettino – 6 October 2011). For two years it has been every month in the TOP10 chart of CIESSE Editions, reaching 4 editions and becoming one of the CIESSE ‘s most popular long seller. It enjoys an excellent reputation on the Internet, with a lot of positive reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stelline  (,,,, ecc.). 

It stays long time in the Amazon TOP100 BESTSELLER chart, reaching twice the 1° Absolute Place,  in February 2012 and December 2013.

 febbraio 2012    primo TOP100 full


The story

Her body is lying on the ground, edged with a bruise at the base of the neck and spine that seems to spring out. What happened seems obvious. A trivial, stupid fall. But something does not convince the attorney.
Three weeks later, a man come out from coma, with an absolute vacuum in his head. Why is he alone? Why is he accused of the most horrible crimes?

Only one person can help him: Rubens Gatto, criminal lawyer in one of the largest law firms in the country. But how long they are not seeing? Fifteen, twenty years? Since then , from that fact buried in their past.For the lawyer and his private investigator begins a lengthy search of proofs that might exculpate their defendant, whose guilt seems, however, become more and more evident.

In parallel, a voice in a interrogation room says he can tell the story from the beginning. From the “useless eighties” because, he says, he knows that everything started there.

With the obstinacy of those who will not accept the evidence, Rubens Gatto will do everything to get to the truth, at the risk of his profession, his affections , and even the lives of those around him. Step by step he will outline a disturbing defensive strategy, which will lead to uncover a terrible truth hidden for years in the fog of the Italian land.

Here the official booktrailer:

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What press and critics say about NON TI SVEGLIARE?

"The plot is large, complex, plausible and eventually also amazing." 
  "Very impressive is the subtle game of misunderstandings in which the reader inevitably falls."
     "The language is rich, clear, with elegant writing"
                                                             Jury XXIII Italo Calvino Award
   "one of the most exciting literary events of the year".
                                                                   Il Gazzettino 6.10.2011
"With his digital book really he is 'smashing', as they say ...
  it topped the charts of books sold in Italy."
                               Caterpillar Rai 2 - 1.3.2012
  "Make addiction, you have to go on to read it,
       after each page you need reading the next ... "
                                   Il Basso Vicentino - june 2012
L'Arenalongseller in just one year! This legal thriller set in between Verona and Venice
    is continuously catching new readers.”  
                                         L’Arena - 31.08.2012
logo-gdv"A sort of Italian John Grisham, The legal thriller of Venetian
Stefano Visonà since one year is full reaping success"
                                              Il Giornale di Vicenza 6.12.2012

And here some readers’ comments:

This book has slowly and inexorably swallowed me, like quicksand
                                                   Roberto Pelloso, criminal lawyer
"Drank in one shot", really, read all in two days
                                                                           Monica Pasqualato
Fantastic end, unbelievable, that appeals to the last page
                                                                              Gaetano Aldegheri
Addictive. Simply addictive, this is the appropriate term.
And also built very well, technically
                                                                          Anna Masenello, lawyer
Written in High Definition!
                                                                                    Aldo Ferretti

A lot more of original comments available in Italian, of course, please check here.

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And don’t forget: if you are interested (or know someone maybe interested) in publishing in countries outside Italy contact me freely! I’m available worldwide 😉




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In any case, it happens that some of these interests end up on the pages of my novels, so here’s the idea that they can find here a place of “going deep”. That is, a sort of compendium of technology (and not only) to my thriller stories.

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